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MBA International Business of Management

ACN College of Engineering and Management Studies offers a comprehensive Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a specialization in International Business of Management (IBM), tailored to develop leaders with a deep understanding of business strategies and management practices specific to educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Core Curriculum: The MBA IBM curriculum combines core business subjects such as Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management, and Business Ethics with specialized courses in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administration, Non-Profit Management, Fundraising and Development, and Strategic Planning for Educational Institutions.

Specialized Courses: Students enrolled in the MBA IBM program delve into critical areas essential for managing educational institutions and non-profits. They study topics such as Curriculum Development, Student Affairs Management, Educational Policy Analysis, Organizational Behavior in Educational Settings, and Legal and Ethical Issues in Education.

Experiential Learning: The program emphasizes practical learning through case studies, simulations, internships, and projects tailored to educational and non-profit sectors. Students gain hands-on experience in educational leadership, institutional management, fundraising strategies, and community engagement initiatives.

Industry Collaboration: ACN College fosters collaboration with educational institutions, non-profits, and government agencies through partnerships, guest lectures, and workshops. Students benefit from exposure to industry best practices and networking opportunities with professionals in the field.

Soft Skills Development: The curriculum includes training in leadership, communication, teamwork, and decision-making—critical skills for effective management in educational and non-profit settings.

Capstone Projects and Internships: In their final semester, students undertake capstone projects or internships focusing on real-world challenges faced by educational institutions or non-profit organizations. This practical experience enhances their problem-solving abilities and prepares them for leadership roles.

Global Perspective: The program integrates global perspectives in educational management and non-profit administration, preparing students for leadership positions in international educational organizations or non-profit entities with global outreach.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the MBA IBM program can pursue careers as Education Administrators, School Principals, Academic Program Directors, Development Managers, Grants Managers, Policy Analysts, or Executive Directors in educational institutions, non-profits, government agencies, and international organizations.

The MBA International Business of Management program at ACN College equips students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical leadership necessary to drive positive change and innovation in the educational and non-profit sectors globally.