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MBA Human Resource Management

ACN College of Engineering and Management Studies offers a comprehensive Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a specialization in Human Resource Management (HRM), designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for strategic HR leadership in organizations. This program integrates core management principles with specialized HRM courses, preparing graduates for diverse roles in human resources and organizational development.

Core Curriculum: The MBA HRM curriculum covers foundational business courses such as Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management, and Business Ethics. These courses provide students with a strong business acumen essential for effective HR leadership.

Specialized HRM Courses: The program offers specialized courses in Human Resource Planning and Development, Talent Acquisition and Management, Compensation and Benefits Management, Employee Relations, Performance Management, and Organizational Behavior. These courses delve into critical HR functions and strategies to manage and develop human capital effectively.

Experiential Learning: ACN College emphasizes experiential learning through case studies, simulations, industry projects, and internships. Students gain practical insights into HR practices and develop problem-solving skills to address real-world HR challenges.

Industry Collaboration: The MBA HRM program fosters collaboration with industry through guest lectures, workshops, and corporate interactions. Students engage with HR professionals and gain exposure to current industry practices and trends.

Soft Skills Development: The curriculum includes training in leadership, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and team building—essential skills for HR professionals to manage diverse teams and organizational dynamics effectively.

Capstone Projects and Internships: In the final semester, students undertake a capstone project or internship where they apply their knowledge and skills in a real organizational setting. This experience enhances their practical HRM competencies and prepares them for leadership roles.

Global Perspective: The program includes global HRM perspectives and cross-cultural management, preparing students for international HR roles in multinational corporations or global assignments.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the MBA HRM program can pursue careers as HR Managers, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Compensation and Benefits Managers, Organizational Development Consultants, HR Business Partners, or Training and Development Managers in various industries including IT, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and consulting firms.

The MBA HRM program at ACN College emphasizes ethical leadership, strategic thinking, and innovative HR practices, preparing students to lead and transform organizations through effective management of human capital.